Ie Gorjenească

This is one of the most mesmerizing pieces of folkwear from Oltenia that we’ve salvaged. Richly decorated with a wide array of symbols (see close ups), with a beautifully thick altiță followed by a narrower încreț festooned with geometrical motifs (the diamond shape – rombul), and diagonally displayed râuri – taking two ornamental lines of decorations that repeat themselves on the sleeves, the front and back side of the blouse as well. Notice the motif of the cleștii racului (crab’s claws) as one bundle of embroidery.

The salvaged items were created sometime ranging from fifty years to a century ago. Exact timing is difficult to establish, and it is beyond the scope of our endeavour. However, it is fair to assume that some of the old techniques ceased to be employed several decades ago, for various reasons: vanishing of the skills, introduction of industrially available fabrics such as cotton, etc.

Origin:Gorj, Oltenia – southern Romania
Ethnographic Zone:Gorj
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