Fotă de Argeș

This fotă displays some of the classic geometric symbols (such as the diamond shape alongside)with floral ones. The “hash” # symbol, present here in two variations, encompasses meanings of abundance and growth; the silvery diamond-shaped symbol refers to the fertility of the land. We particularly liked the colour palette: salmon pink, purple and jade green together with golden and silver – embroidered onto burgundy hand woven fabric.

The salvaged items were created sometime ranging from fifty years to a century ago. Exact timing is difficult to establish, and it is beyond the scope of our endeavour. However, it is fair to assume that some of the old techniques ceased to be employed several decades ago, for various reasons: vanishing of the skills, introduction of industrially available fabrics such as cotton, etc.

Origin:Argeș, Muntenia
Fabric:hand woven woolen fabric; silver and gold thread
Ethnographic Zone:Muscel and Argeș
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