Fotă de Muscel

One rarely comes across such an interesting ornamentation – habitually, Muscel and Argeș specific fote have either clearly geometrical motifs or floral motifs. This one – we don’t even know where to start. Embroidered with golden and silver thread, and with a beautiful sort of attached waistband. Features golden, silver, brick red, purple and dark green as main colours.

The salvaged items were created sometime ranging from fifty years to a century ago. Exact timing is difficult to establish, and it is beyond the scope of our endeavour. However, it is fair to assume that some of the old techniques ceased to be employed several decades ago, for various reasons: vanishing of the skills, introduction of industrially available fabrics such as cotton, etc.

Origin:Muscel, Muntenia
Fabric:hand woven woolen fabric; silver and gold thread
Ethnographic Zone:Muscel and Argeș
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